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This is THE place for all things children’s gardening and creative nature connection.

Wings, Worms, and Wonder is chock full of fun how-to tips, tricks, activities, ideas, and resources for humans who:

*want to create hands-on nature experiences for children that spark wonder, build life long connections with the natural world, and uniquely weave gardening into the classroom and daily life

*seek a deep and nourishing connection with nature through the arts and organic gardening

*are interested in the connection wonders of nature journaling – novice or experienced

*crave a supportive creative guide and community to share their nature journal experiences, laugh over gardening mishaps, to ask questions about everything art and nature, and to travel together through the wonders of our everyday nature with!!

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Each month, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, or Wonder Wednesdays as I like to call them, you will receive a letter form me full of virtual seeds to sprout in your garden and life including:

*lesson plans and activities


*freebie video tutorials, printable fun sheets and coloring pages, and more

*updates on workshops, courses, and the latest and greatest

*seasonal gardening tips

*resources for grants and more

*& so many awesome things I can’t even list them all!


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Inside, you’ll find 12 of my favorite Wonder Wednesday activity lesson plans compiled in a special way for your convenience and enjoyment. Within this one eBook, you have enough activities to keep every month of the year sparked with wonder and creative nature connection! Consider making every Wednesday a Wonder Wednesday in your home or classroom!

12 months of wonder wed shot

Click this link to download the pdf – Wonder Wednesday subscriber opt-in bonus pdf

And click here to watch the video that accompanies the UpCycled Seed Starter Pots Activity


And because this is so fun…

…and I like to give you extra surprises, here’s a make a Pocket Nature Journal video tutorial!

You only need one piece of regular paper and a pair of scissors to make this fun on-the-go little journal. This simple journal is really fun to make and is quite useful. Make a different journal to creatively document every outing – from the museum to the nature trail.

Get your written instructions in this Pocket nature journal pdf  and watch the tutorial below!

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I am so glad you’re here and look forward to getting to know you as we journey through our big beautiful, biodiverse world creatively!! If you ever have any questions or want to share, just email me through the contact tab on the site. I love to hear how you make these ideas your own and adapt them to me the nature in your backyard!

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