Nature Courses & Classes

In my online Nature Journaling School I offer fun eCourses at many prices and experience levels for all ages!

From month long courses that teach the basics of nature journaling or expanding your nature journal practice in art technique and deeper creative connections, to mini course on color theory and paint mixing or painting and cooking with garden herbs, there is something for everyone – and the list of course offerings continues to grow!

Check out the current courses and enroll for the Free class! Who doesn’t love free?

Teachable Courses

Join me on creative adventures as we connect to nature through the arts and gardening! We’ll explore Nature-study, nature journaling, art journaling, painting, drawing, and organic gardening. I’ll give you an excuse to slow down and creatively connect with the natural world right outside your door!

SkillShare Courses

I’m your guide into nature inspired drawing and painting at my online classes found on SkillShare.